Daniela Brahm "eins und eins sind eins" (one plus one equals one) 2009 (with Les Schliesser), in: „HLYSNAN: The Notion and Politics of Listening“ 2014, Casino Luxembourg, LUX

eins und eins sind eins, 2009/2014

2 audio recordings 14:40 min. and 33:31 min., 2009, Presentation variable

with Les Schliesser

in: “HLYSNAN: The Notion and Politics of Listening” 2014
Casino Luxembourg, LUX, group show, curators: Berit Fischer, Kevin Muhlen

The sound work eins und eins sind eins (one plus one equals one) by artists Daniela Brahm and Les Schliesser reflects in an abstract way on the complexities behind the process of actually bringing a (utopian) realm of possibility into being. It consists of two contracts that form the legal basis of ExRotaprint, an industrial complex both artists transformed into an exemplary model of real estate development based on the common good, and which they run today.

For the sound work eins und eins sind eins, the artists asked the notary public to again read aloud the articles of the partnership agreement of the non-profit GmbH ExRotaprint and the heritable building rights contract while being recorded. The contracts stipulate aims and parameters, scope and dimensions, and obligations and rights. Notarized contracts become legally valid only when read aloud before signing. Hearing and reading therefore have equal status; knowledge of the information contained in the texts is legally binding on the parties and cannot be disputed. As with other artificially formalized procedures, the context of legal tradition is central to the performance. Due to the rapid reading—the staccato of terms and phrasings—the form of recitation, the ritual, prevents the information from being conveyed. Contractual constructs have their own hermetic aesthetic. At the same time, the information they contain provides the basis for the long-term, real-world outcome. The realization of intentions and ideals is first substantiated when developing the project on site.