Daniela Brahm Community, 2006 wooden structure, paint, “Proclamation Poster / freedom”, oil on primed paper

Community, 2006

Mirko Mayer Gallery, Cologne

wooden structure, paint, 5 “Proclamation Posters”, oil on primed paper

The installation entitled Community encroaches upon the space of the gallery with its wall of roughly sawn boards covered in splashes of white paint, sparking interest in things that have been sealed or closed off—just as fences round building sites do. In terms of its three-dimensionality, the composition as a whole aims towards an encounter with the Participants, the recurring actors in Brahms` oeuvre, producing a situation in which the juxtaposition of disparate personalities demands that more light be shed on notions of cultural and political identity. Community addresses ideas of individual freedom and foreignness in equal measure, examining artistic methods and their confrontation with the viewer.